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Self Service Car Wash Services

(all prices include sales tax)


  • Self Service Wash Bays 
    • Do-it-yourself with our quality line of JBS car care chemicals.
    • Pre Soak
    • High Pressure Wash
    • Foaming Brush
    • Clear Coat Protectant Wax
    • Spot Free Rinse
    • Floor Mat Hangers for thorough cleaning of mats.
    • Accepts Quarters, Dollar Bills, or Five Dollar Bills.
    • $2.50 (10 quarters) for 4 minutes.  Add additional money for addtional time.


  • Vacuums
    • 4 separate vacuums for maximum car throughput.
    • Each vacuum has dual motors for intense suction.
    • $1.00 for 5 minutes.


All Prices Include 5% State Tax